Toad Hotel Arts is…

...the online home and gallery of artist Jim Varney: sculptor, wood carver, collage, assemblage and mixed media artist.

Jim's art works vary from small (dollar bill size) collages of shredded money to the spectacular nine foot tall Mother Earth Crucifix depicted on the right.

A common feature of Jim Varney's works is a wide range of found objects from small toys and board games to antiques farm implements and industrial tools.

Jim's primary messages relate to the earth through his wood, metal, stained glass and stone eco-art sculptures and to the political landscape through his humorous and light-hearted collage and assemblage pieces.

All art works illustrated in the galleries on this site are available for purchase.





1608 River Crescent
Parksville B.C.
Open Wed-Fri 12-4,
or by chance or appointment


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1608 River Crescent
Parksville B.C.
Canada V9P 1X8


(250) 752-0725


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The Creative Process

“For myself, there are two exciting moments in the creative process. The first comes with conception, when the ideas and pieces all fall into place. The second major point comes with completion where I can assess the realization of the original vision. Between these two points usually resides a lot of work.”
Jim Varney, artist

The Inspired Masterpiece: Mother Earth Crucifix

Mother Earth Crucifix: masterpiece stained glass, metal, wood and stone sculpture, by Jim Varney